About the Job

We are a family owned business entering our 14th season of asphalt maintenance.  On purpose, we don't hire friends to work for us, but many of our workers become friends.

Workdays start no later than 8, but often at 7 and sometimes 5 AM. Expect to work some weekends.  Expect some overtime and occasional overnight, out of town work.  We do occasional government work, so if you have a background we need to know about, let me know ahead of time. 

We use modern equipment.  This job is hot and dirty, but I do my best to not make it more difficult.

This year, we are starting new employees at $13/ hour.  Once you understand the basics of what we do and know how to operate all the equipment, you get a raise. When you can go do a job without supervision, you get a raise.  I highly expect employees to finish the season at $15-$16/hr.

Our work season is already underway and usually ends around mid-October.

Our expectations:

Show up on time, sober and clean

Positive team attitude

Ability to work without supervision

Valid Drivers License with transportation to work.

Criminal History Check

Drug testing

Limited phone usage

Come Work With Us

If you do not have an online resume, you can email one to jared@asphaltdoctor.net

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