Owned and operated by Jared and Nancy Savik, we are entering our 13th year of dedicated asphalt maintenance.  We are NOT a paving company that  does a little maintenance on the side.  Seal coating, crack sealing, pothole repair is our full time job!


Services Offered


Seal Coating

Asphalt pavement is mostly rock and/or stone and gravel, along with a binder. The rock, or aggregate, is held together with this binder known as asphalt cement. Maintaining this binder is essential in prolonging the deterioration of asphalt surfaces. Rain, U.V. rays, and chemicals, as they are introduced into the asphalt, will degrade the binder and thus begin the degradation process of the asphalt. This will continue and create a surface that turns brittle. So, the purpose of asphalt seal coating is to protect the asphalt pavement and to beautify at the same time. The earlier an asphalt sealer can be applied in the life cycle of asphalt the better.Protect and beautify your investment by adding a protective layer of asphalt emulsion.  Various studies show that a good pavement maintenance schedule can double or triple the life of asphalt.

Big or small, we have the tools to do them all!

Contact us today to get your free estimate and get on our list before time runs out!

Jackola Engineering, Kalispell, MT

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Crack Sealing

As sunlight oxidizes the pavement and seasonal temperature changes expand and contract the pavement, cracks form. Water, impurities, and debris infiltrate the cracks and continue to degrade your parking lot or HOA roadway and also put the pavement’s sub-base at risk.

Over and over, crack sealing has proven to be the lowest cost pavement preservation treatment available.  If your goal is to preserve your parking lot or HOA roadway for the longest period at the lowest cost, you must crack seal.

If you want to get the most service life from your pavement, crack seal early and often!

  • Pavement cracking is inevitable – it is going to happen

  • Sealing cracks quickly after they develop reduces the damage to the pavement. For parking lots and roadways, we recommend crack sealing every two years.

  • The longer the cracks remains sealed, the longer the pavement will perform.  For maximum longevity, we offer crack routering and heat lancing prior to sealing.

  • Visually inspect pavements every two years to identify and seal new cracks. Cracks greater than 1/8” (3 mm) must be sealed to achieve the best protection of the pavement.  Cracks under 1/8" will not hold enough sealant and are prone to early splitting.

Don't settle for outdated and inferior methods. Call today to get your parking lot or roadway cracks professionally sealed with our new Crafco oil-jacketed kettle!


Asphalt Repair

Whether you have basic potholes, failing paving seams, or a low spot you want leveled, we have the tools for a long lasting repair that fits your budget.

Snowplowing and Road Sanding

We can do roadways, subdivisions, parking lots and larger driveways.  Call early to get on the list and so we can survey your job for danger areas, places to put snow and pricing.


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